How to Install a Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser on Audi S3 8V


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Over the past year, quite a few people have asked me about putting together a DIY for the installation of the S3's rear diffuser. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to have a local S3 owner loan me his car to do the installation.

A big thanks to:
- Steve Wang for your car and help
- Thomas Emmanuele for the guidance you gave me

The installation is a bit more on the tricky side, but it's 100% doable.

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Wow - very professional and clear video, although slight shame we didn't get to see the actual bumper removal itself, but explained very clearly. I was surprised that the whole bumper has to be removed, which makes it a much bigger job than it would have been, but then manufacturers aren't thinking about these kind of aftermarket mods when designing such parts. Thanks.


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OCDaveS3, that's one part we did not manage to record. Once the side clips are undone and the 4-10mm bolts are removed, the bumper will literally, pull off without resistance.