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How to enable aux-in on my RNS-E head unit?

Beardylong May 22, 2018

  1. Beardylong

    Beardylong New Member

    I want to connect a Pure Highway to my 2008 RNS-E so I can get DAB in-car, plus play Spotify & have hands-free calling, but it needs an aux-in. I bought a cable off eBay and have connected it to the back of the unit and fed it through to the glove box but aux-in doesn't appear on the source menu. My local main Audi dealer didn't want to know, and a so-called specialist independent couldn't do it either. I've trawled around the web and have seen some code hack that you might be able to do if I can find someone local with VCDS, but I also saw somewhere that a software update will magically enable the aux-in. If I buy a later nav DVD, will that automatically update the software and will that give me my aux-in? If so, what year do I need and where's the best place to get hold of one?

    Any other suggestions?

    I'm in Cornwall, between Truro & St Austell

    Many thanks.

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