HOW TO CHECK Injectors

Are the injectors likely to be working after sitting in a box on a bookshelf inside a garage

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DIY until I break it LOL
Hey all

I purchased some Injectors for my car wayyyyyyyyy back for my A3 bkd 170 as I was told from Audi they were damaged, So i got 4 from ebay from an 07 Octavia VRs to go on


I ended up selling the car a while ago (Long story with some garage

and I recently found the injectors too.

so now I want to sell the injectors however I don't want to sell em if they don't work where they've been sitting for so long,

They are in a box. So pluggin anything in to obd port of a car is not an option

Is there a way I can check if they're still in working order???

Thanks in advance


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there are testers for injectors (applying voltage on ends) however on pd ones can be a little bummer to get them fully check if not in car... anyway bkd is 140bhp not 170 (if you meant that).
BTW just seen the post about the garage, if I was in you I will charge them for timing of simple job like that done (3 months), 2nd for damaging car, 3 for no invoice, wouldn't payed them, you don't show me what been done, I don't got any warranty for that so for me you didn't done nothing, if you will still keep my car I'm calling lawyer and police.
Just to tell you, I've got my clutch done time ago, after 3 months of usage the slave cylinder fcked up so I call the seller and he was telling me like: ok, send it back and in 3 months you will get this one or replacement for it, I was like WTF?? You (mean seller) telling me to be w/o car for 3 months cuz of piece that is worth 20 quids? So I said him or I got it by 3 days or I'm calling a lawyer and customer rights agencies. Next morning I've got a pack from DPD, guess what was inside.
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DIY until I break it LOL

You made him scared! It's good you got it so quickly. I would hate to be without my car for too long.


Gilera Runner / A3 Sportback
really I wasn't getting him scared, if he was still insisting I would start the cause to him and put all costs on him. Anyway did you told the buyer about the "problems" with your car?