How the HELL do you change the sidelights ?!


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May 31, 2010
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I've tried my own hands, way to tight a space, my girlfriends hands, about half the size of mine and its too tight for her aswell, even if we do get a grip on the bulb its way too stiff to get out!

Any tips?

Or do I have to take off the bumper, which I really cba doing tbh.

Ta! :)
they are easy to remove either pull with your hands or get a pair of pliars and pull this is what i did, they can be difficult to get back in though as the space is hard to find.
No need to take off the bumper, you just need to find someone who's better with their fingers! ;) Where are you? I wouldn't mind doing them, I'm in Somerset near Taunton.
As above it is very tight...

I did mine in about 5 mins on a Halfords car park and there was blood :(

Where are you- I don't mind doing them. I'm in Sheffield if thats any good for you...
I managed to change one of them within a couple of mins.. But the other, i had to take the airbox out to properly get to it. Easier than taking the bumper off.
i managed to take them off with long nose pliers its easy
Did mine today fitted Phillips blue, took 5 mins max. Use some small long nose pliers
Did mine too! Just had to loosen one lamp a tad but did it! Changed the indicators too whilst I was there! Osram Diadem soap bubble ones now! lol
i pulled them out by the wires................not recommended, battery side one wasnt fun and i did undo the headlight to give a little more clearence,

at the last visit to Glasgow audi they replaced both front bulbs then tried to charge me £38!!! i told them i had not requested that job to be done or approved the repair to be done so the didnt charge me, i got to keep the bulbs though :)
jesus you people must plates of meat instead of hands, when i did mine it took literally 2 mins, most of which was opening the bonnet and umming and arring over the best way to hold the bulbs to put back in but i suppose i have a girly v6 so the little engine isnt in the way ;)
Just pull the wire/plug slowly that has the bulb holder on, this is wired well enough to take the strain, they then just pop out, has worked for me on various 8P's without any damage thus far.
Ha! You lot are making sound so easy! My hands are rather large but as I said my Mrs couldn't manage either!

I'll try the pliers but I'm just scared of knackering the wires!

As for the guys offering help.. Thanks a lot but Aberdeen to Sheffield etc is a tad far! :p
I am having trouble with this aswell.... anyone fancy giving it a go at ADI for me.??/?.. cheers guys.. oh and just to make sure has anyone got a link to make sure I have got the right silver bulbs?. cheers
Found this hard and gave up straight away as it was cold! Will try again this week. I have the xenon's so there isn't much space.

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