How much oil does our cars use???


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Car = b7 2.0 tdi 140bhp sline engine code BRE

My oil light has JUST come on saying it is low
I got my car serviced at 52403 I had the oil shaft modification done
It is now at 53872
Surely i shouldnt of used that much oil in 1469 miles?

Cant see any oil patches


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Did you check after the mechanic had done the work? May not have put enough oil in to start with mate.

tony mc

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i've had mine (same car/engine) about 2.5 years and only had to top up about 3 times in about 27k


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I think you need to ask the mechanic how much oil he put it mate, on top of that you need to top the oil up yourself and then monitor the usage.


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Checked the oil last night

Seemed ok so didnt top it up
No leaks
Faulty sensor?
Asked my mechanic and he said hes never known a faulty sensor
He did say if it gets worse take it to him


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You mean you didn't check the oil level manually before posting this thread?



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So to check that I've got this right, your car comes up with low oil and before you check if it is actually low you post on here?

So the oil level isn't low?


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This is what happens when our cars start to go Automated....we loose that hand on approach. Bring back the old Ford Pinto unit, ruff, raw and does what it says on the tin lol.
A good lesson here...hope all turns out well Craig.


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Hold on..

My question was

How much oil does our car use?..still not answerd
I had just got my car serviced 1469 miles ago, so when the light came on i was shocked for it being so early. (when my mechanic give me my car back no i never checked)

When i posted this topic yes i checked the oil level, oil level seemed fine so i never topped it yous two can shove the micky taken up your ***** lol

Oil light went out, and has come back on

Took my car to the mechanic yesterday
He checked oil level and it is fine

Side note!
My coolant tank has got traces of oil in it
(When i bought the car the coolant tank was stained a greeny mouldy colour and the fluid seemed as if the wrong coolant fluid was used, so during a service i got fluid and tank renewed, on inspection it seems to be happening again...oil contamination)

So new coolant sensor or what ever it is called is being replaced soon
That silver rectangle thing
And for my oil light keep coming on and off
Fingers crossed vagcom will find out why

But yes...again, i did check my oil level before i piped up on here
I was just curious to how much oil these engines use in general




tony mc

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but i did answer your question Craig mate, do i still have to stick it were it dont shine, lol.
hope you get it sorted mate, and it aint anything worse.


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Probably a faulty sensor, fairly common problem. Lifting the bonnet resets the warning light and it will come on again after about 200 miles. You need to drop the oil to change it though, easy job.


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hi i have the same car 2tdi 140 bre and arart from when its serviced i nvere had to top up but i only do short drives and only cover around 4000miles a year

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if you have an oil burner you should have very low consumption and that's good, but , if you have a petrol flavour one it may well be a whole different ball most tfsi owners will know, just put 1/2 litre in the old bus today and not done a great deal of miles , probably my driving
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