How much monthly data do I need for Mobile Connect?


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Evening all,

I'm looking to get a PAYM SIM card to use in the Q5 that I've just taken ownership of, but I'd like to try and get an idea of how much data more experienced drivers tend to use on a monthly basis.

I'm guessing 300mb-500mb would be enough, but it would be good to know whether I'm way out here.

On a slight side note, do people recommend SIM cards from one provider over another?

Cheers in advance


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I'd say 300-500 would be about enough but I'd consider 1gb to be safe. There are some extremely cheap pay monthly deals from the likes of Virgin (who use ee network), giffgaff and Tesco mobile (who both use O2 network) that would give you more than enough data. These contracts are normally on a month by month rolling contract too meaning you're not tied in


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Thanks for the reply Kane - and for the tip about providers. I hadn't thought of the likes of Virgin, but they're doing a 500mb SIM for £8 a month which you can't really complain about.

I'll get one ordered now.


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giffgaff offers 1GB 500mins for 10£ a month. (giigaff uses o2 network)
lebara offers 2GB 1000mins for £12 a month. (lebara uses vodaphone network)