How much do you think this repairs would cost?


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This guy around my area is selling his 2000 S4 for $5000. He bought it from an auction but didn't have time to do anything to it. It have a front end damage, but to me, the engine looks intact. He told me about the timing belt is off center, and I need front bumper and headlights.

I was hoping it would cost around $3-4000 to fix up everything. Mileage is 55000.

Here's the descriptions and pictures.

This car is very clean inside and out other than the damaged. The airbags were NOT deployed. No visible damaged to the frame. I started working on the car but my wife and I just bought a house that requires a lot of TLC. I don't have time to complete the job because of the move and the new projects at the house. I haven't been able to get the car to start. According to Audi, it could be the timing belt slip off center. I hate to part with this beauty. My loss is your gain. You can save money and still get a nice European vehicle. The car has lots of expensive parts like mirrors, airbags, K03 turbos, doors, rims and tire, heated seats, ECU, hood, interior trim, bose sound system, etc that could be parted and sold.





i dont know but that car is worth every penny. for $5000 your makeing $$$. the car in good condition got for 20,000. i have an 2000 s4 an i love it, its my baby i will never get rid of it. the car it able to to some much. if i were you i would spend the 5G's an u got an s4.


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Yeah, I just talk to the other audi forum, and people told me that since the Timing Belt is off center, there's hidden damage to the engine. They also say that it might need a new engine which cost $$. I was planning to buy it for $5000, and spend $3000 on it, but it seems to be more.


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Yeh i would think that it is a good deal.But with the timing belt being off there might be a crank jamed or the lifters could totally be out of proportion.In that case u would need the whole engine.So i would try to see if you could gfet a Audi Mechanic to look at it first.But it is a good deal