How much approx for Alloy referb?

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About how much does it cost to get a set of 17" alloys referb'd, they all have a few scraps and patches of paint corroded? Just a rough estimate. :laugh:


40 quid +/- 10 per wheel. Around that. Don't think You'l find cheaper than 30 per wheel

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£32.50 per wheel i paid for a set of 18" RSTT alloys powder coating.

That's cheap! Is that a refurb and powder coat?
Cheapest I can find for my wheels is over £100 a wheel! So I'm gunna do them myself


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And I bet the further south you head the higher the price.


I'm painting my own, is taken me freaking ages like but it's good to do. These refurbs only strip the edges and paint them, not the whole wheel, that's why its cheap.


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Got my 18s done properly (media blasted, reconditioned, repainted and recoated) for £55 a wheel +VAT, that was almost 2 years ago though.


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65 for 18".thats with them being balanced and centre caps being marques in stoke.12 months warranty


Defo worth the wait :)
Citypowdercoaters in Brum as well for me, had my s3 wheels done here a while ago, £80 without tyres and £120 with, takes about 2-3 days as well, getting another set done by them in the next week too.


I just got a quote for £320 for 4x 18" RSTTs... thought that was a bit much.


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i phoned pristine near me and they said £68+vat per wheel which works out at £81 quid a wheel. bit of a rip off.

He also asked me what car i had (after i said wheel size) which kinda seemed pointless then told me the price.


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Alan, which wheels are on your s6? I might have s brand new one if your after a cheap spare ? Let me know if in


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Did mine myself, stripped back to bare metal and repainted in satin black, they came out really well but I took three weeks over them, only cost me a tenner each wheel though.


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I'm after a refurb for my 19 inch machine polished alloys. I'm guessing it's gonna be evil prices but it's 130 a wheel for me to buy brand new.... There's a place called viking repsprays near me that done 4 18 rs4 alloys for 120


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Dave Pristine have machine programs for different wheels which is probably why they asked which car, I had my wheels refurbed by them and my brother has had his alfa 18inc multispokes done by them and I'd be happy to recommend them as the quality of ther work is top notch.