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How many passes, confusion ? Flex XCE forced rotation but not specific to that machine.

Nickyc Sep 4, 2020

  1. Nickyc

    Nickyc Registered User

    Hi folks, I wonder if someone could guide me in the right direction at all. I have now got the above machine after putting it off for so long, I have watched all sorts videos and tutorials and have become a little confused between 2 techniques used on the Forensics channel and the one on the Apex Detailing channel which i hope someone could explain to me.

    On the Forensics channel, he was doing a tutorial on the 3401 VRG on a pretty trashed black VW, he did 6 passes with a medium pad (he said do 90 seconds to 2 minutes per set, but he must have been going much longer than that). Anyway, once he did the first set, not all the defects went away, so he did another set with the same combo and it was then at the right level. My question is, surely you wouldnt want to do that all over the car would you ? Would he have been better off doing another test panel but with a firmer pad to see if that got the damage out in 1 set rather than doing 2 sets with the same pad and compound combo ?

    Now on the Apex channel (the bit I'm confused with), he only does 2 passes, checks defect removal and if not enough does another test with a more aggressive pad.

    My confusion is why is there such a difference in the number of passes they are both doing per set ?

    Confusing the hell out of me.

    I hope someone can explain it to me
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  3. tcardio

    tcardio Registered User

    Everyone has a mildly different technique but the basic issue is to take a good look at your paint and estimate what type of defects you have and whether they look heavy, moderate or light. Pick a pad and a compound that works together. tape off all the rubber and plastic parts and then have a go at it. If you want to try 2 passes then ok. check out your correction and if not to your satisfaction then do more passes until you are happy. If not happy with the defects corrected with that pad then go up a pad strength and try again. after refine your work with lesser strength pads.
    Let the pad and compound do the work and give the compound enough time to do it job. You really need to be patient
  4. H-M3

    H-M3 Registered User

    Ones a pro detailer and other a blogger.
  5. RS03_SEN

    RS03_SEN Registered User

    Maybe doing 2 less aggressive sets rather than 1 aggressive set will cause no holograms therefore only needing the single stage rather than refining afterwards?

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