How many miles on s3 full tank?


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Hi guys,

I'm new to this forum I have an Audi s3, just wondering how many miles you guys currently get on a full tank?

I only get 190 miles on a full tank of shell v-power which costs me £80 which seems a little low to me?

I bought this car as my everyday car as my other car is a c63 Amg but I was expecting it to be a little less thirsty lol

Anyway any help and your figures will be greatly appreciated!!


190 miles!! One word - WOW.

I'll never be able to afford to run one of these. :bye:


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You are doing an average of 15mpg !!

Have you left the handbrake on :thumbsup:


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What shape S3? In this cold weather I'm getting just over 300 a tank, 100% town driving and short journeys. Roughly 24-25 mpg ish.


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I obviously drive like a saint but my slightly modified S3 averages 30mpg.

It will go as low as 25mpg if it's given a decent hoofing or as much as 35mpg behind the slow stuff in the morning.

To get 15mpg out of yours I can't think how you're driving it....


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I get around 20-22mpg but mine is new, and managed 29mpgs on a 200miles motorway run.


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I average 24 - 25 but very short journeys, stretching to 29/30 on a run at 85.

The S3 has never been known for economy despite only being part time 4 wheel drive it does seems to have a drastic affect on MPG, a similar engined Gti would be doing an easy additional 6 - 7 mpg on both cycles.

Lovely motor though especially at this time of year.

How lucky having the Merc, would love to own one one day but if that was the case my second car would be something like a 116D !


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I think what can make a large difference is the extra torque from a remap.

Obviously if you drive it hard,economy suffers but remapping can also result in lower consumption as you don't need to strangle it to get performance.

Quite a few of my TTRS driving mates who are at least as lead footed as me are getting 30ish mpg from their cars and all of us are running between 450-500bhp.


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Worst tank I get is 280 but that is rare!

I usually break the 300 mark before the ligh comes on - on average I get 320-350 miles to a tank and that is Revo Stage2+

Would be near 400 on long, long trips!


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With my first tank i did 180 miles,but that was only town hi speed driving!
Later on standard horses 250 miles with full tank and now running stage two i get 320-340.


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When I go to pick up my kids every 2 weeks (300 mile round trip) I get to Aviemore which is 150 miles with roughly just over 1/2 tank left. Thats not hanging about either as the A9 if you know it, is a very fast road. Have squeeeezed 420 miles out of it with combined driving using 98RON fuel.


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im seeing about 320 miles out of a tank on tesco 99.... thats a lot of stop start driving and of course the odd traffic light grand prix.... didnt think it was too bad tbh. When i got the car i tripped the 2nd part of the average miles per gallon, over the 8200 miles i have done the car has averaged 25.9mpg. Got my CAI on now, wonder if i will see any change...


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I once had a super eco run and got 415ish plus 35ish left on the DIS. So 450 if I had the balls to keep going haha.


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Thanks for your replies guys, I do have a heavy foot and mainly do short journeys in the s3 it's on bluefin at the moment and just been fully serviced and had timing belt and water pump just chaned hopefully the miles improve I'd be happy if I could get 250 out of it!


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320 ish miles to a full tank. All town driving, and a lot of driving from mine to the gf's which is only a mile away.


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Similar to most here. I get about 350-400 to a full tank. I calculate my mpg everytime I fill up. Usually average 30mpg in the summer months and 27-28 in the winter months. 50% town driving / 50 % A/B Roads. Thats with the odd 'hoon', here and there but otherwise just driving normally.

Wouldnt say the Haldex system has a drastic effect on mpg. Sure, it saps a bit of power and uses extra fuel, but my mate owns an ed30 and (pre mods / map) he was getting about 32-33mpg driving the same roads (we used to car share) during the summer months.

Driving style has a huge impact on mpg.