Well I cant be bothered working it out but I drove to see my girl in Birstol lastnight, filled the car right up and drove up there faily normally, may have driven a bit faster on the way home but it was 4am lol

From a full tank I had 130 miles left, having driven for a total of 3hours 50minutes at an average speed of 65mph (Went the A-Roads up there and M5/4/3 home) and averaged 27.8mpg apparently!
Again ,not done the figs, im getting on my 1st whole week approx 100miles outa £20 of 95 in a mixture between traffic, slow runs and admittedly 2 or 3 little blasts..... my 1.8T used to do 140miles to the same tank lol...... oh well its a pleasure to drive:)
Don't know how many people on here are running big turbos.
But what sort of mpg figures are you guys seeing?

I think my mpg has become worse after the conversion, where I've been told that infact it should be better. I think the bigger injectors don't help.

When cruising at 80... err..I mean around 70 Mph, I get about 26mpg on my DIS, whereas before I was easily getting 32/33 mpg.
My DIS has been recalibrated, mind.

But I think I get like 100 miles to £20 (which by todays prices is like 18 litres).
That's pretty rubbish I think. My bike does 100 miles on about a tenner....
Kiteyboy said: dont seem to be saying all the positive things about you BT job I was hoping for!!!!

I need a lot of good stuff to run past her who will be obeyed for when she lets me do mine.:icon_thumright:

Hey Kitey, sorry to sound so negative at the moment. I think there's probably many things clouding the benefits of my BT conversion.

The list of issues with the car are still outstanding, and I don't think I can properly enjoy the conversion until they are sorted, and the car is running the power it should be.

Also, fuel prices are astronomical now, so perhaps the reduced miles I'm getting are a consequence of that, and not the turbo.

Once it's running optimum boost, I'll let you know what I really think eh.
You're in MK I see too, so Backdraft is on your doorstep.
I just recently completed another record attempt and got 450 miles out of tank with 10 miles left on the DIS. My best ever was 460 measured. I will get 500 one day. Anyway that was driving like a complete **** at 65 on cruise control everywhere.

Thing is my DIS says an average of 37.5mpg which is ********. I work it out as 33mpg which is **** after driving like a granny.

Anyway normal driving regulary gets me a tank of 360-400 miles (28mpg) and blasting it everywhere gets me at least 300 miles.
30 quid will do me 200 miles -driving around 65 just below 2,500 revs. that's every week to and from work on a dual carriageway. can live with that, however it is so hard to think 'fuel consumption' and not 'foot down and have a hoot!'
Depends on my mood... if it was all driving too work (when im normally late and flooring it) id get 110miles from £20..... if its the trip home at 4-5am...cruising along watchin a dvd at 50mph ... then 130+miles to £20
I consistently only get 235miles out of a full tank, so £20 does me approx 80miles.

The DIS tells me my average consumption is 21mpg, problem is the work run, bad traffic, 4 miles, 1st, 2nd, 3rd if lucky all the way, takes me 30mins!!

I also drive fairly sensible, if I started twatting it everywhere I reckon I'd drop below 20mpg :no:
If i put £50 of normal unleaded on my A4 1.8t sport i used to get a consistent 320 miles....and so far on the S3, my 1st full tank cost me £55 of normal unleaded and i got the same 320 miles....I have now filled up on a full tank of V Power costing £58, so i will keep you posted on what it works out to.

So to sum things up off £20 i was getting about 128 miles.....
at the moment im getting 120 miles to £20 - i spend about £20 worth of petrol monday to friday and i do 22 miles a day plus i still have a bit left in the tank to get into town and back on the saturday.

in a 8L s3.....driving like a granny......
i'm only getting 220-250 max i do about 300 miles a week so i have to fill up twice in one week sometimes, abit of a bitch rearly £63 a time. but don't give a f**k love driving it. (beats taking the sprinter):racer: so roughly about 75 miles on a score then.
i do about 300 miles a week, 200 of that on the motorway 100 within citites etc and can do that quite nicely on a full tank and then will cost me about £55ish to fill up again.
maybe mine needs a good service then its on audis longlife package. but still got 9k to go.
yea give it a good service and see although mine is on the audi longlife service too. how are u driving..ripping it or just cruising?
i don't really go mad that often and this includes both town and dual carriage ways probably half an half.:huh:
Mine is majority motorway miles, just do about 10-20 miles town driving really....
on average my trip computer says i do bout 28 mpg combined that iss. sound about right? ive recently put in optimax for the 1st time so wud be interesting to see what sort of mpg i get with that.
Ive just filled up with V power for the 1st time and it seems to have made a difference.

S3 Rav what have you normally run on??
Ive just filled up with V power for the 1st time and it seems to have made a difference.

S3 Rav what have you normally run on??
i used to get 80 miles approx to £10 motorway driving so 160 miles to £20

driving round town etc was 60miles per £10. This will be less now with the more expensive petrol

im getting an s3 again soon so will miss how good my mk 4 golf tdi 150 is.
that does 210 miles for £20 on motorway but its boring and i miss the s3
I'm not really sure how people are working out £20, but after trying to figure out how much I actually spend on fuel the other week and coming in at around £450 in 4 weeks I think it's safe to say I get around 260-300 miles from a tank, which is around £63 of optimax / super however I've been taking the "fun" route to work more of late which doesn't help.

I have managed to get 400.6miles out of a tank before then running out of petrol, however that was because I had to drive like a granny because of really bag fog on a long journey.

Mines a 210APY S3.
nilz18t said:
Ive just filled up with V power for the 1st time and it seems to have made a difference.

S3 Rav what have you normally run on??

nilz i normally run on just normal uneladed so thought id go for the change just as u have done. have u noticed a difference. my car isnt fully on power at moement but can still feel a slight difference.
I can tell a difference, it seems more responsive, but im not too sure as only just got the car, so it might just be me feeling like that....the mpg looks a bit better though, will let you know when im nearing empty if it has made a difference miles wise....
yea im the same. not had my car too long and like i said it not at 100% power at mo but do thinkn its a little more respnsive but as a result iv been driving a litle quicker so will have to see at end of the week what sort of miledge iv got out of it. worries, let us know how you get on....whereabouts are you from??
from coventry but live and work in london. go back to cov quite often though. u
OK quick update, i finished my full tank of V Power, and i actually ended up getting an extra 40ish miles!!!

So to say im impressed would be an understatement :)

Woohoo, and if you fill up 30 litres of V power at the moment, you can get a free ferarri (toy car)!!!
LOL! nilz i found about the same, i got the ferrari f430 yesterday!!!
lol i got the F430... im starting to notice a very slight difference with the Vpower....although it was mixed with about £15 of 95RON...seem to have got more to the gallon also...not sure though, gimi a few weeks to check
hah, i got the Enzo, it was the only one there, however, as i had a very long weekend of driving, i will have to fill up again tomorrow, so will get anotehr model...woohoo!!!
Was that from full tazzer, as i was having this discussion the other day, why does the full side of petrol on the gauge always seem to go down faster than the other side of the half, if you know what i mean????