How long have you owned your B6 A4 for?


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Just have my 2004 1.9 tdi B6 for slightly over two years (almost 28 months) now and in that time I've put up 42,000 miles on it!

I've probably spent £800 on repairs which isn't bad I suppose.

My car needs a new timing belt soon so I intend to keep my B6 for at least another two years anyway if not 3 or 4 more years!

so how long have you owned your B6 for and for how much longer do you intend to keep it for ?


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I've owned my 2004 1.8t(190)quattro avant for 6 years and loved every minute. As for how much longer I'll keep it,well until it not worth repairing any Not sure how much money I've spent on it and probably would get a shock.She is now a second car so has gone from doing 20k a year to 3k at a push now.


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Got mine around a year n half ago at 109k
Cost me £4600.
Now on 156k, spent around £4000 on the thing :) all good thou


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4 months 9 thousand miles and spent 900 quid on it still need to get it mapped new alloys and coilovers and get the wings done lol never ending but cant part with her shes to loyal haha


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Too long, bought it about 7years ago with 50k and paid 10k for her, spent and absolute fortune on it and looking ti get rid now, would love another one ( B8 black edition ) but to be honest am being drawn towards Merc or even Skoda as the standard spec is far too low for a car if that value and finding one with the spec i'm after is proving a little trying to say the least, but in all honesty the B6 is a fantastic car and easily the best i have owned so far.
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It's all about the V8.
2 and a half years with the B6 but i had a B5 saloon for 4 years before that.


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Bought at 137k
Owned for 3years this month

Spent 2k keeping it on the road about 1500 on mods


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Since last October. Cost me so far £110 for a new maf. (Apart from the usual service suspects - timing belt etc)
Love it. Probably won't sell it. Will give it to the wife when I get another Audi. Possbily a D3 A8 4.2Tdi
Just over a year and loving it. If it blew up tomorrow I'd buy another one, no worries. Got some friends with various Ford and Peugeot breeds and they are sh*t


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6 years for me so far, just got it to the stage im happy with, no plans to sell so may just run it till it cant run anymore, bought with 111k now on 160k. Loved every mile snow ice or rain


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Bought as a ex audi employees car from audi with 2k on clocks in jan 06 ! Had for roughly 2.5 years Reluctantly sold it with 11 or 12k bought back 3 years later August 11 ( couldn't resist it ) with 73k and not as well looked after !
Currently now coming up to 3 years and still loving it with 78k and loads spent on it !


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9.5 years - bought in early 2005 as an ex demo with 10k on the clock. Paid £22000 I think.

Spent - I have no idea and don't wish to add up the receipts. Between modding and stuff breaking, tyres, wheels, brakes, servicing I should think easily another £22000! if not more. I have every receipt in a file but too scared to add it up.

She'll click over on 150,000 miles next week. so I've done 141,000 in her!


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Had my B6 1.8t sport Cab for 10 months & lovin it :yahoo: Had timing belt, water pump, rear pads & cam cover gasket replaced then fitted cruise, ipod connector & just bought 18" Rs6/ S lines for it :rock:


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1.9TDI 130. Just over 28 months and covered nearly 20K. I will probably hold onto it for another couple of years then get myself an Golf GTI Edition 30 :D