How is your front number plate secured on?


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Number plate holder

Currently have two rusty screws on original plate but will be putting private plate on it

Not a big fan of screws but the front bumper is quite curved so not sure if sticky tabs will hold in place like the rear

Anyone got number plate holder?


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Stuck on, hate screws and never bother with number plate holders never seen the point!


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The cab front bumper is quite curved
Anyone managed to stick on ok on a cab?

My other car came with the Indy plate holder, they ok actually


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Gently heat the front plate up and bend it slightly so it has a more natural curve to it before sticking on.


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The place i get my custom plates from supplies a set of plates with colours plate fixings and heavy duty double side tape.

All my plates get taped on as I hate screws, haven't had one fall of yet and I put a set of plates on every vehicle I buy as I have had a private plate for the past 15 years. I don't transfer the plates I have new ones made as I custom label them for the car.

Design and order reflective acrylic licence number plates


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i have pressed plates but are screwed on and covered with white plastic covers so that you cannot see the screws.


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Currently held on with 3M Velcro pads but my new pressed plates are going in a holder


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Holders are screwed on an pressed plates fit in nicely



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Numberplate stickers. Nothing can make a car look as terrible as a badly mounted numberplate! Hate the sight of screws personally, especially if they are showing and ive seen ones that arnt even level!


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german pressed plated held on with 3m double sided gel tape