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How is Audi reliability these days?

joeyhilson22 May 19, 2019

  1. joeyhilson22

    joeyhilson22 New Member

    I really like the A5 sportback. But I drive a bunch of miles commuting (~27k/year). I dont mind the general depreciation that comes with putting miles on a luxury brand car, or even the higher general maintenance costs, but I cant deal with regular trips to the shop for repairs.

    I know Audi hasn't had the best reputation for reliability, but since almost all cars are getting more reliable each year, im wondering if maybe the this wouldnt be so bad.
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  3. oli356

    oli356 Well-Known Member Sportback Team Sepang S tronic Audi S3 Black Edition

  4. joeyhilson22

    joeyhilson22 New Member

    my issue has been solved!
  5. Crazyfool

    Crazyfool Lead boot

    My 02 plate A4 was bareable....just. My 59 plate A4 was awful. Lovely car, but an absolute money pit.

    I don’t know what they’re like these days because I couldn’t cope with having another one, so moved to Merc which has been much better.

    I’ve said it many a time before, but this was the beat Audi and car I have ever owned.


    Sadly gone now, replaced by another Merc.
  6. DieselJake

    DieselJake Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Problem with German cars is they're quite innovative and with invocation comes complexity, not saying it's a bad thing (far from it!) but I'd imagine if your doing 27k a year something is bound to need replacing within a few years.
  7. Bazgti

    Bazgti Member

    All my pevious VAG cars have been excellent. Ive had a 1.8t Mk4 Golf, 1.8t 25th Anniversary Golf, Mk5 Gti, Mk6 R and now RS3 8P. All of them were great. I changed the usual cambelt and water pump and servicing parts, tyres fairly regularly, discs and pads it least once in my ownership and the odd bush underneath. Even at various states of modification, they was all very reliable. On forums there are lots of stories of people having problems, that the point. Nobody usually comments on how good and reliable their pride and joys are. I still wouldnt buy anything else. The Mrs is the same too. She had a A3, Scirocco GT and now a Q3. The previous 2 we had zero issues with and the Q has been faultless since we got it in March.
  8. Audi Bairn

    Audi Bairn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Sophisto Grey Team Brilliant Black Gold Supporter X3 M40i Audi TT

    We’re on our 9th consecutive (10th in total) Audi (me and the wife both have had one for a few years.
    We’re not to changing brands either if necessary but our cars have been pretty much faultless.
    Had A3’s, TT’s, A4’s, A5’s, S3’s and S5’s so a reasonable cross section too.
  9. baderlfc

    baderlfc Active Member

    Vast majority of new cars will be reliable if cared for properly (no longlife oil service plans!).

    If your looking at used then it has to come down the general condition and service history of the car.

    I've mostly had German cars (VW, Audi & BMW) for 14 years of driving, I've always bought well cared for, usually enthuisast owned cars and never had one LESS than 7 years old... I also meticulously service cars, and i've never had a major issue with any car (ranging from a £1k golf mk4 1.8t to a £15k bmw 135i).

    I did have a brief foray into an Alfa GT Cloverleaf diesel for a 12 month in the middle and even that proved to be 100% reliable.

    Worst car i've had, a stop gap 2005 clio 1.2, dreadful car and nothing but trouble.. but most likely not renaults fault, lack of care and attention from the previous how ever many owners because of the type of car it is.. low value and not bought by car people
  10. samwalker

    samwalker New Member

    My mums S reg A4 diesel went for over 200k before she sold it and we still saw it driving around after. I've had my 12 plate A3 diesel for 6 and a half years now and can't say I've had any major problems. Just that one rear caliper was sticking and needed replacing
  11. A12RNX

    A12RNX Active Member TeamMisano Team V6 saloon Audi S4 Audi A6

    I have a 2011 C7 Audi A6 purchased with 100k On the 25/6/2016 I now have 258k on the clock. It has also been remapped by Revo a week after purchase. All I do is service it every 14k when the car prompts. It did have a recon turbo around 10k ago because it starting making a whistle noise because of the actuator arm wearing out the turbo housing. Still on the original clutch and only done the timing belt and water pump twice. Runs like a dream.

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