How high does the S-Line body sit?


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Apr 7, 2009
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North East, UK
Noticed yesterday that I can barely squeeze two fingers between the top of the rear tyres and the bodywork. I've had comments before about how low it is thinking I've purposely lowered it, which I haven't. I assume my stock springs are tired so, how high would stock Audi springs make it? Is it worth putting a different set on the back, I don't particularly want to change the front as well as there is nowt wrong with them.

Comments please guys.
they should sit at least 3 fingers
Must be pretty tired then. Would it be best to replace with OEM or something like Eibachs?
razza1:1590066 said:
The eibachs seem pretty good, ride is still bumpy but sure it felt less harsh than oem

I have h&rs and i also think ride is better than stock or at least no worse !
Not sure think.its quotrd as 45 mm so thats 25 for an s line ? Mine came down a lot more that that though !!!

Actually i think they are 35 mm drop now.i have seen that ! Na avants just sit lower at the back i do have b5 caps on the front which adds another 10mm to the front drop though which a cheap effective mod.
Had mine replaced recently with the Eibach Pro Kit - 35mm drop. Ride is similar if not slightly better than original and still keeps reasonable height but low enough to improve the looks. Pic attached isn't great but gives an idea....

Where'd you get the Eibachs from?

AMD Essex. They were doing a good deal to supply and fit. Was about £360 i think. Given the labour time to replace the springs this seemed like decent value.