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how far does the clutch move off the flywheel?

jezzy May 20, 2013

  1. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User


    As per title
    How far does the friction disc move off the flywheel?
    I ask because i still cannot disengage my clutch.
    So the story so far.
    Bought a smf F1 flywheel and kevlar clutch, with a normal pressure plate.
    This went badly, clutch wouldnt disengage the flywheel.
    Stripped the box back off and realized the pp was catching the springs on the clutch disc.
    So bought an uprated pp and matched up to the disc.
    The gap was only a couple of mill from the from the springs in the clutch disc.
    Rebuilt and now the same has happened, the clutch will not disengage.
    I bought the pp and clutch from cg motorsport.
    I can cycle through the gears with the engine off.
    With the engine running it will not go in to gear.
    I can start the car in gear and it will drive forward.
    With the car off, in gear and hand brake off, i push the clutch pedal down and the car wont move.
    Any ideas much appreciated
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  3. towcestervag

    towcestervag Registered User

    have you put the centre plate in th correct wat round ?
    usually say gearbox side on plate
  4. jezzy

    jezzy Registered User

    Thanks i did wonder that
    The friction disk is spring loaded.
    Only fits one way.
    The raised side (springs protruding facing the pressure plate and flat side on the flywheel)

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