How does your power boot button work?


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Hi, new A6/C7 Avant 3.o quattro 2014 owner here, who is trying to teach his wife how to use the power boot opener (!).

What happens when you press the exterior boot handle button on your cars? I ask as I can't work out a consistent method of opening the boot on mine!

A quick squeeze of the button on the exterior boot handle seems to randomly either just unlatch the boot without opening it, or opens it all the way.

If it just undoes the latch, then you have to press it again to open under power. My wife isn't strong enough to open it manually.

A long (1-2 second) hold of the button seems to make it unlatch and start moving, but if you hold it for too long then let go, the boot opens a bit then stops - and pressing the button again actually closes the boot - much to the confusion and annoyance of my wife!

The interior boot release on the driver door operates in the same way.

The boot button on the remote keyfob is equally confusing: a quick press does nothing but flash the indicators.

A 1-second press either opens the boot entirely or just unlatches it/opens it ever-so-slightly and requires a second press to open.

I would like to know if this is normal or a faulty opener mechanism, as the car is still under warranty.

There is a scratch/rubbing mark on the bumper along where the boot lid meets the bumper - as though it has closed too far or the bumper has been knocked up at some stage, but it appears seated correctly.

Ideally I'd just want a simple one-click open on all buttons (exterior boot handle, drivers door and keyfob).
Please can anyone help by describing how theirs works, and whether any settings in VCDS might help? I am 2 hours drive from the local dealer.



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On the A7 platform - very similar mechanicals - you can enable remote tailgate opening via VCDS.
  • Open and close hatch using interior button
  • Single button push open using key
  • Single button close using key. Also activates closure warning tone


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Thanks - I've played around in the settings in VCDS and have activated the close-with-key, but it's the hit and miss nature of the boot button that is confusing - sometimes a single click just undoes the catch;requiring a second press to open all the way under power. Other times it opens all the way up on just one click.

VCDS gives you options for either "TAP" or "TOUCH" opening/closing of the boot, using the remote key or the rear lid opening button,

but I can't see any noticeable difference between "TAP" or "TOUCH" - any ideas? (I'll try the VCDS forum)

This is my mapping:
rear lid opening button in remote key - tap function for opening ACTIVE
rear lid opening button in remote key - touch function for opening NOT ACTIVE
rear lid opening button in remote key - touch function for closing NOT ACTIVE
rear lid opening button in remote key - tap function for closing ACTIVE
I tried swapping TAP for TOUCH, but it made no difference - I just want the most simple single-click any button to open the boot - is that asking too much?!


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Have you tried just making them all "Active"?

I can't remember what mine is set up for, but the button on the tailgate is as it always was. One touch for close, or touch again to stop. The exterior tailgate handle is one press to open, one press to close, and one press to stop if required.

The button on the drivers door is pull up to open, or pull up (again) to close - after activating via VCDS.


To be honest i have inconsistancies in mine too but not as bad, mine just feels that the key/lid button are un responsive at times. Some times i press the buttons and they do nothing and sometimes they work as intended, thats the same with locking the car I can be right next too it and it wont work and sometimes i can be far away and it does.

I've learnt bow just to hold things for a few seconds until what i want to happen happens, specially with the boot lid just hold the key/lid button till it's moving.

The key responsiveness is the only cheap let down part I've found so far.