How do you listen to your music?


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Apr 14, 2018
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Through a phone, iPad or something more traditional?

I have a traditional set-up. First purchased a 2-channel set-up in 1978, and still believe it gives a more natural playback than compressed digital files. My current system is as follows:

Leema Pulse MKI integrated amplifier
Electrocompaniet PC1 CD player
Pro-ject 'Classic' turntable with an upgraded Goldring cartridge
PMC TB2i speakers
Arcam T32 digital/FM tuner
Just go e digital with a Sonos 5 play system, after years of good I'd analogy sound. My system was

Pre Amp...... audiolab 8200Q
Speakers ....meridian m1 active triangle with sme series 5 arm and dynavector dv10x cartridge.

Never went in for tapes or tuner as I only listen to albums.....I love my vinyl collection, kicks the sound from CD and streaming into a cocked hat, but times move on so I have gone for the Sonos.
Got music stored on my phone but still old school & prefer CD's.
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Got music stored on my phone but still old school & prefer CD's.

I like the convenience of Spotify... You can take all your music wherever you go, but on a purely sound basis analog and CD are miles ahead in terms of quality.
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I listen to music on speakers that I made myself on a 3D printer! I recently bought Dremel Digilab 3D20 and started creating! I've done a lot already and one of the most creative is the speakers!
Through my smartphone, car audio, and my laptop. I listen to music every single day.
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Using airpods on my phone. subscribed to apple music as the sound quality is superb.

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