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How do i get google earth on my A3 8v without audi connect subscription?

m rol Nov 9, 2019 at 12:26 AM

  1. m rol

    m rol Member

    My car a 2014 a3 8v with virtual cockpit and 8v1035035 mib2 (hacked unit)
    As my car does not have a mib2 audi connect subsciption (duh) i want to bypass the audi connect feature, like the a4 canadian spec tread.
    Tried the A4 google earth funktion but cannot make it work....

    Checked all the items in adaptation and make them the same. I am also able to activate the client funktion and search for wifi hotspots. Does anybody has made it work? How?

    Thanks in advance!


    To enable Google Earth (this will require using your mobile phone's data connection as hotspot):

    Step 1: Set the following adaptation in module 5F (this can be done by VagCOM HEX-CAN-USB or OBDEleven) :

    IDE03471-ENG117848-Vehicle configuration-gracenote_online_coverarts - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117849-Vehicle configuration-gracenote_online_other - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117843-Vehicle configuration-my_audi - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117845-Vehicle configuration-online_dictation - ON
    IDE03471-ENG127495-Vehicle configuration-online_media - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117840-Vehicle configuration-online_navigation - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117837-Vehicle configuration-online_POI - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117838-Vehicle configuration-online_POI_voice - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117839-Vehicle configuration-online_portal_browser_services - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117841-Vehicle configuration-online_street_view - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117844-Vehicle configuration-picture_navi - ON
    IDE03471-ENG07588-Vehicle configuration-SDS_Region_Flag - NO_REGION
    IDE03471-ENG117836-Vehicle configuration-VZAPro - ON
    IDE03471-ENG06576-Vehicle configuration-WiFi_Client_HMI - ON (only becomes active with internal sim off)
    IDE03471-ENG117842-Vehicle configuration-WIFI_Hotspot - ON
    IDE03471-ENG117846-Vehicle configuration-remote_HMI - OFF (this turns the audi connect option off in mmi.

    Step 2: Restart MMI

    Once you've made the above changes, RESET MMI by pushing and holding the toggle to NAV and RADIO at the same time, then press the center **** to restart
    While MMI restarts, turn on your mobile phone's WiFi Hotspot

    Step 3:
    Go to Settings in MMI > Connection Manager > Configure your WiFi Settings in MMI to connect to your phone's hotspot

    Step 4:
    Go to Navi/Map > Click to the 'Right' Option button > Select Map Settings
    Under Display > Click and Select Google Earth

    If you've configured a successful WiFi connection, Google Earth should load within 20secs or so
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  3. cuke2u

    cuke2u Well-Known Member TFSI Owners Group S-line owners group saloon Audi A4

    Can you not just purchase a dongle?
  4. m rol

    m rol Member

    What do you mean?
  5. SPIKE_S3

    SPIKE_S3 Well-Known Member Team Ara Blue Team Daytona

    You sure you’ve got the virtual cockpit? That is only on FL cars.
  6. m rol

    m rol Member

    Vc and 8v1035035 retrofitted.

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