How can I tell?


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Hi all, forgive my stupidness...

If my Audi (collecting her on Friday) has DIS?

If it shows the Radio station inbetween the tachometer and rev gauge, do I have DIS?

My belief is that DIS isn't present, if it only shows Radio Station on Concert (CD player)




Mine does NOT have DIS, but I can still see the radio and CD information on the disply in the center of the dash, as well as range left in the tank etc.

My friends car DOES have DIS, and in addition to all that I have, he has extra buttons on the end of the wiper stalk, allowing him to control the DIS, and switch between additional functions such as current Mpg, trip mpg, etc etc and to set such things as the permanent speed warning, rather than the 'trip' speed warning available on my car.

1st clue then is to look for that extra button on the tip of the stalk - if memory servers there is also a 'reset' button underneath it.

Some DIS - equipped cars have snazzy colour screens for it too.. Mine is mostly red, but some warnings will come up in yellow etc.

hope that helps...


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DIS is basically the trip computer. If you dont have push buttons on the end of the wiper stalk you dont have it.
All b6>a4's show range and radio info.