How can i tell if my TT/RS4 (9 spoke) are reps?


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Aug 18, 2011
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need to find out before i start looking for center caps, apparently the reps don't have the same center caps as genuine wheels
I thought real ones are 5x112 only where as reps are multi stud both 5x100 and 5x112. Could be completely wrong. Mine are reps I believe
ahh mine are multi stud, going to have to pop off the remaining center caps i have and measure them to see if a OEM will fit!
I wondered about this aswell, mine are 5 stud so I thought they were genuine but a mate told me that's not the case. Anyone got a definitive way to know for sure?
Real RSTT wheels have the audi logo and a VAG part number in the centre (covered by the cap)... they are 5x100, 18x8 ET33

Don't confuse them with RS4 wheels... RS4 wheels are of course 5x112...

Depends on your reps but you can get the genuine caps to fit some reps with slight modification. My first S3 had RSTT reps and I used a junior hacksaw to trim some tabs off the rear to create a snug fit. Perhaps buy a genuine one from the dealer, see if it's possible to fit (with or without modification) and if it can't be fitted easily, take it back?
I found out mine definitely are reps (were on the car when I got it) and managed to source a center cap for the rep wheel from eBay, did see a guide about fitting the oem ones to a rep wheel though so will keep it in mind for when I get the wheels refurbished