How can i remove polish from stone chips


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ive noticed since polishing my car that the polish has got into the stone chips and obiously stands out quite a bit being Volcano Black
what is the best way of removing the dried polish from the stone chips?


Polished Bliss
Can be tricky; I would suggest either a citrus degreaser like P21S Total Auto Wash, sprayed on, left for five minutes, then wash the car normally, dry and reprotect... or, Autosmart Tardis, sprayed on, left a minute, then rinsed off and the car then dried and reprotected. Both methods rely on the chemical being allowed to soften the polish, which can then be washed/rinsed away before the paint is reprotected. The downside is that both methods remove any paint protection present, hence why you must reapply your wax or sealant afterwards. :icon_thumright: