How are peoples dipped beams?


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On my A5 I have noticed my "fancy" LED headlights are pretty useless at night

- when I accelerate (like when you want to actually see infront of you) they draw in close to you, about a car length in front, so you can only really see on a pitch black road, a few meters in front, forcing you to use main beam which then lights up everything. It's even worse going up hills.

- The right beam might as well not work at all. They are ECE beam patterns with a steep angle and sharp cut off, merged together when driving which creates a kinda V of pitch blackness right infront of the driver...

I don't get who designed these and why. My 8v s3 FL which was older than a b9 A5 had awesome lights, DOT cut offs (pretty much a straight line just staggered slightly lower on the right side) and 4 actual beams with the clever Matrix thing (which i never used). I literally used full beam twice my entire year of ownership the dipped were that good.

If I follow a car my A5 beams are not even touching the back bumper of it.

Pretty hard to get a pic of them as when actually driving the stupid auto levelling moves the beams a good 5 meters back towards you:

You can sort of see it here, but now imagine the entire pair of beams moving 4-5m back...



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Get it checked in an MOT bay, cause led headlights are better than xenon's, so it has to be positioning.


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I read a guide and turned two white screws anticlockwise a bit and it's better now though the screws seemed more for horizontal position than height, the height white screws are missing on my car. It's made it a lot better but the patterns themselves suck.