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hot start issues, possible wiring fault

newbster Nov 4, 2018

  1. newbster

    newbster Active Member

    hello again,
    I have a hot start issue on my 130 PD, fine when cold, cranks for ages when hot
    internet searches suggested low cranking speed may be issue(needs to see 250 rpm when hot), battery was old anyway so fit new one and cleaned up all main earths, spins over a treat , but same hot start issue

    using vcdslite (registed) to check speed showed zero crank speed - ahaa! must be crank speed sensor, changed this (what a pain, needed to get oil filter housing off as bolt was rusted) no difference

    I revisited the no engine speed whilst cranking, it looks like vcdslite actually stopped communicating during the cranking time. I unplugged the trigger wire to the starter and checked again, comms ok when key in crank position, so looks like the ECU and vcds comms boards are getting power when key is in crank

    so I assume there is a volts drop causing the ecu to stop talking to the laptop when cranking

    is this normal? the battery voltage drops as a result of the cranking, is that enough for comms to stop
    I have asked this on rosstech as well

    so my question is where can I find the power/grounds wiring for the ecu, the haynes has everything except the main ecu wiring.

    I'm not 100% convinced its electrical, need to go and do some fuel delivery test as well

    also next time it does this, stick some probes into the connecter for the injectors and see if they are being triggered or not, should divide the problem nicely into fuel/electrical

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