hot air not very warm in car :( related to the coolant loss then kseal?

Stuart B

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So with car at operating temperature the heater only gives slightly warm air. I think the coolant temp is usually about 82 degrees. Not sure if it did this before but I did have the coolant loss and put in K-Seal as a stop gap.

Does the heater matrix usually have to be bled or similar? or maybe the k-seal has blocked something up.



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Ad of give the k seal a miss mate its nowt but trouble really.. Have you had a good look at all your pipework to see if its weeping anywere?


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k-seal will block the channels in the heater matrix, your best option now is to try and flush the entire coolant system, if that does not work then your looking at a replacement matrix, and never use k-cr@p again

Stuart B

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Grrr and in the cold Brrr :)

I bet I didn't have the heater on for long enough when I put that **** into the coolant in the first place.

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