Hopefully getting car mapped today


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So after a few months of taking the car apart, getting the cylinders re-bored & getting it all back together again, she should be going in for mapping this afternoon. Can't wait.

Beach Buggy Hybrid
83mm 9.5:1cr CP pistons
Brute rods
B5 Tip
Relentless V2 mani
AH V2 intercooler
All new pumps, belts & everything else needed to build a bottom end.


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Excellent, who is mapping it?


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A chap called Joe Power. You probably have never heard of him, but he is well known here in Ireland and by Bill(Badger5) and Niki at R-tech.


My other car is a MINI!!!!
Sounds like a top spec!

Just remember, less boost, more timing is the way to make these things really work! Stick with that, 21-22psi max and you'll be smiling from ear to ear :)


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Oh well did not happen today. So Saturday it is then. Dam it...


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Bad news fella. Just think your have a great weekend with it and something to look forward to. Weve all been there!!