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Honda Integra Type R DC2

jojo Nov 1, 2006


Is the Integra Cool?

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    20 vote(s)
  2. Cool

    54 vote(s)
  3. UnCool

    28 vote(s)
  4. Seriously UnCool

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  1. craigynett

    craigynett Guest


    i did 6 laps in 1 at Elvington about 3yrs ago;)

    Defo 1 of the most fun cars i've driven on a track. Not driven 1 on the road but i'm sure it's as equally fun:) Much more fun to drive than the CTR

    I pretty much love most things Jap. I've had Honda, Subaru & Mitsi. Got a Mitsi FTO Version R Aero Series at the mo. It's meant to be Mitsi's answer to the TegR.

    I like it but not as much as the Teg. FTO is for sale at the mo. Either going for Evo or STi Impreza this time.

    I'd thought about an S4 but i personally prefer Jap to German.

    My g/f nearly bought a bargain CTR a few months ago. She was going to trade her A3 in but somebody beat her to it:(

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  3. VeeDub Geezer

    VeeDub Geezer Ex-20v Coupe Owner

    i hate to admit it but i kinda like em!
  4. KR

    KR Registered User

    Morning all,

    On the DC-2 note I've just sold my 2000(x-reg) model and bought myself an A3.

    The car is as good as they say goes well and handles even better, I had no problems with mine and would recommemd one if you want a out and out sporty cheap ish car. Yes the rides hard yes the noise can get overpowering at 70 on the motorway but does make up for it in the twisties.

    The reason I sold the Teg was becasue I was starting to do more miles again and couldn't afford to keep 2 cars. The car that I had prior to the Teg was a CTR and with the right mods turned the car into a completly different car.

    Now I am just getting use to the Audi from the high reving and lack of torque hondas.

  5. neversaydie

    neversaydie Post Whore

    Did someone put egg in my rice?
  6. garypaul

    garypaul Registered User

    the ITR is a superbly focussed drivers car - imo the fwd equivalent of an E30 M3 - it's a cool car
  7. jonS3

    jonS3 Registered User


    here's my old one before someone crashed into it and wrote it off :( I miss it alot, very good cars

  8. sherlock

    sherlock Registered User

    Not into any jap cars, infact never owed one, apart from my company Toyota Aygo:wacko: We run a fleet of 14 Toyotas (Aygo and Yaris) at work and trust me the old jap reliablity is a thing of the past with Toyotas.
  9. klauster

    klauster Registered User

    you lot are insane saying that car is cool! absolutely horrid
  10. S3Andy

    S3Andy Registered User

    I like the looks of the DC-5 over the 2 ;)
  11. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    So do I...
    But they don't drive like the DC2s...

    I didn't like mine much to look at...but what a drivers car, and what a sublime piece of engineering...that's why I bought it...because I for one, can see past the styling and accept the machine for the brilliant drivers car it is.

    The DC5 isn't as adjustable or focussed.
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  13. L1 HCS

    L1 HCS Registered User

  14. tommyK

    tommyK tommyK

    not very refined on a long run, but the best blaster i've ever had. still have it in the family, litte bro has been driving the ring out of it for over a year, never miss's a beat. best handeling car i ever sat into.
  15. craigynett

    craigynett Guest

    Coming from a guy who's pimped up an A4!!:rolleyes:

    The ITR is a proper piece of kit. Prob will always be the best handling front wheel drive car ever.

    Back in my VTEC days i used to love chasing them things around the track in my CRX. TBH i love most stuff with a VTEC in them. When i wrote my CRX off 3.5yr ago i kept the engine(236bhp 1.6/1.8VTEC hybrid) for about 6 motnhs. I was going to buy a S1 Elise that had a blown engine & fit the VTEC.

    That would have been a right weapon. The guys at Bookatrack had an Elise with a VTEC in it. Watched it go around Elvington a few times. Boy did that thing go. Sadly due to family probs, mainly ex-wife being a bitch I ended yup gettign divorsed & had to sell the engine to keep myself financially sound:( It went for £2.2k which is whole lot less than i'd spent on tuning it

    I'd actually thought about buying a DC2 when my FTO GPvR sold but decided i was just getting a very similar but better car than i already had. There's actually a turbo'd 1 for sale at the mo being advertised on the forums. Looks mint & sounds like a fantastic motor

    I went for the Evo instead;)

  16. thebluebus

    thebluebus forced to complain

    I had a DC2, which I loved to bits. For years after it went (traded for an A4 avant Quattro) I missed it every day. It looked a bit gawky,


    but I loved it.:cool:
  17. Rob_k

    Rob_k Registered User

    deffinately cool, a mate of mine has got one they dont look desirable but everything about the drive is!
  18. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    Not a fan of these really, the uk front end just looks wrong and they are becoming very chavvy. My experience of these is from a clio Williams' perspective and the willy beat it hands down in performance and looks everytime, cant really comment on the handling though.

    As for vtec :blahblah1:, i hate it with a passion!
  19. thebluebus

    thebluebus forced to complain

    I can't argue with you in terms of straight up performance. But for the sheer feel and handling it was brilliant. As for the Vtec, hitting 6000rpm was guaranteed to plaster a huge grin all over my stupid face. Every time.

  20. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear


    lol. I have to say i do like the ek9's an the odd s2k but other than that they just dont float my boat.

    I just think vtec helps the over inflated bhp pub talk nonsense. Its not a real world figure. The williams only has 150bhp but ive seen one fly by many a crx,delsol or integra screaming its nuts off, all of which have more bhp. BHP isnt even a real measurement ffs!

    I know the s3 lacks the rawness of the teg, and i have my mini sprint car for that, but theres something i enjoy about effortlessly cruising into 3 figures sailing off into the distance whilst some wee ned is getting all hot an bothered thrashing the tits out his car an ramming every gear in trying his best not to look silly.
  21. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    How do you work that out, genius?
    Not a real world figure?
    Get a grip...

    BHP is BHP...and although it's at a high rev point on VTEC, it's as valid as any other measurement.

    The ITR is a track optimesed car...so torque is unimportant in that respect as low gearing and relatively low weight mean you keep the car above 6000RPM. So BHP is more important at that point of the rev band.

    Torque is great at getting heavy assed, dull as dishwater uber-barges like S3s off the line...and virtually irrlelevant at 9000 RPM!

    Mid range torque gives you flexibility...like the S3...but the S3 is flat as a fart top end...because it has no real BHP peak...great on the road, awful on the track.

    S3 = road optimised car. ITR = track optimised car.

    Regardless of the thoughts on the engine, the ITR remains a driver focussed machine with a chassis that needs driver skill to get the best out of...and when you do I can't think of many cars (FWD, RWD, 4WD) that are better. It's sublime....

    And I've passed many Clios (Williams included) with my old ITR...so that's a pointless argument.

    As pointless as your BHP not being a real measurement comment.

    As someone who has had both...in all but monsoon conditions the ITR is the faster standard car point to point on proper roads, or tracks (that is roads with corners and tracks...not silly 1/4 mile strips)
    Even in the monsoon conditions the ITR will match an S3, but it needs more commitment to do so.

    The S3 is effortless...but boring as hell.
    The ITR takes some driving...something which your average Audi driver doesn't appear to be willing/able to do.

    I'd have one anyday of the week (ITR)...above a S3, if it was for a fun car.
    If I wanted an everyday car for driving when I'm tired, then the S3 wins.
    Two different cars...two different mindsets.
    One perfectly fine at best for everyday stuff...one sublime in the right hands on the right roads.

    There is something very satisfying about having to really work a car to get the best from it...I think it's called excitement.
    S3 drivers generally need to look elsewhere to know about that...
  22. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    Its pretty basic maths, i'll spell it out nice an clear and see if your old brain can work it out.

    BHP is a calculated figure : bhp = (rpm x lb/ft ) /5252

    Simple enough for you?

    Better watch your spelling there, wouldn't want the fun police to pick you up on that one ,please refer to high horse thread here http://www.audi-sport.net/vb/showthread.php?t=34463

    As for the pointless whine about its a track car, its a track car, its not, its a road car 99% of the time and any half decent track car would destroy it, my road legal track mini for example.

    Can i refer you to equation 1, zero torque at 9000rpm doesnt do the "bhp" figure any favours, so id hardly call torque irrelevant, that's just stupid.

    Why are you just repeating yourself, have you nothing else to say? My comments were on the engine and you have no argument for that, so you brush them off and bang on about the handling again, about which i said i couldnt comment.

    Good for you, big man, but im talking about stock vs stock,which yours was not, as well as trying to remove variables such as driver skill and bigger balls ie corners

    What a load of ****! Id love to see a 'teg on even a damp track with very tight corners which require a very low gear to exit, a recipe for extreme wheelspin and no go i think so!

    If you wanted an everyday car you'd have an s3, but you'd have an ITR any day of the week? That clears everything up.............

    In conclusion, i expressed my views on the 'tegs dodgy looks, dodgy owners and experiences of coming up against the mighty vtec clowns.

    In response, we get info dredged back up from previous posts, with a few token digs at the s3.

    Heaven forbid for me to have an opinion on a public forum but IMHO Honda Integra DC2, not cool.
  23. jojo

    jojo Looking for Boost! Staff Member Moderator

  24. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    Aww..is that the best you can do?
    I expected better.

    Try answering the original point...
    You stated that BHP wasn't a real world figure. It is.

    ...and you'd better learn about grammar!
    Comma, then the space.

    What spec your mini?
    I had a proper play with a 1380 DCOE equipped proper mini round Knockhill...a decent car, good engine, well set up...and there was nothing in it between him and me.
    His was a sprint car, and him a decent driver too.

    You simply can't say out of hand one would be 'better'. that the other.

    I don't know of too many cars making zero lb-ft at 9000 RPM though, do you?
    Power keeps the engine spinning...torque accellerates the car.

    The ITR engine is good...but nothing ground breaking. It's just a well screwed together 1.8 NA.
    But the car is more than the engine...surely even you can see that?
    So commneting on the engine when the engine is not the shining star of the car, is surely ignoring what the ethos of the car is all about, is it not?

    Mine was stock for about a year.
    Mine was also new...so big balls play little part when you are hurling 20Ks worth of 6 month old Honda round a track, uninsured.
    You can push harder on a car that's better set up...that's simple.

    Stock vs Stock, I belive the ITR to be faster point to point than a Williams Clio...in the hands of someone who knows how to exploit the engine and chassis of the ITR.

    Lets see now...
    Aberdeen and District Motor Club trackday at Knockhill several years ago...
    Laptimes of my standard ITR were mid way up the field of Imprezas (UK Turbos, WRXs, STIs and a 22B)...and it was raining hard that day.

    XR Owners Day at the local sprint track several years ago...
    Laptimes of my standard ITR were mid way up the field of Imprezas (UK Turbos, WRXs, STIs and a 22B), on a damp track.

    Wothout wishing to sound harsh, you are arguing about a chassis you have never driven. How do you know what it's capable of without driving one...oh yeah, because you 'hate vtec with a passion'.

    Getting an ITR off the line is an issue...tight corner grip isn't. That LSD works well..

    You don't read too well, do you?

    I'll write it again...maybe you can read it better the second time:
    "I'd have one anyday of the week (ITR)...above a S3, if it was for a fun car."

    That's not too hard, now is it?
    I'd choose one above an S3, if it was fur fun.

    "If I wanted an everyday car for driving when I'm tired, then the S3 wins."

    I'll explain that to you as well...when I'm bored, tired and just want to get from A to B with little by way of driver input and even less excitement, I'd choose the S3.

    There...not too hard, was it?

    I agree with you about the dodgy looks...awkward at best. Ugly, probably.
    Your experiences of VTEC drivers are your own...
    But specific experiences about what makes the ITR special, you can't offer.

    I'd have thought that having bought, modified and than sold an S3 I'm entitled to a few opinions...sorry if it doesn't massage your ego by telling you that you drive the best car in the world...because it isn't.
    The S3 is good at many things...but a drivers car or exciting to drive, it isn't.

    You are entitled to all the opinions you want...
    Just indulge me the same...regarding the S3.
  25. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear

    mini is also a sprint car, 1293 with a weber 45,possibly installing a turbo or Nitrous over the winter but i'll not bore people with the spec on an Audi forum.

    In Scotland, Knockhill is one of the worst tracks for a mini as its long straights and wide track do nothing for its characteristics, especially if its setup for sprinting. If your play with the mini round knockhill was an even match in the corners then either you're Michael Schumacher or the mini wasnt setup very well. Any other track in Scotland, especially the sprint ones like Kames for example a 'teg wouldn't stand a chance.

    I'm always a bit dubious of those Jap videos, are they pro drivers in the cars? The guy driving the S3 is doing heel an toe ffs!!
  26. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    What else is the spec?
    Still a 8v head?
    Fancy g/box?

    Whilst I agree about very tight tracks, Kames, Alford, Boyndie etc...I think the fact that a standard ITR was capable of mixing it with well sorted Minis, WRXs, XR2 Challenge cars, Rally Novas, 968 Club Sports etc says quite a lot of the cars capabilities - especially as it was standard.
    OK...the track was damp/wet (isn't Knockhill almost always?) but the drivers were all weekend club competitors or trackday fans.

    The ITR is THAT good.

    After a chat with the lad in his 008R shod mini, I'd say it was set up properly...he was happy with how it was going...and somewhat susprised to see the ugly fromt of an ITR filling his mirrors lap after lap.

    The Mini was faster out of the hairpin...the ITR better under braking...the rest were fairly evenly matched.

    Yeah, I think they are all pro drivers.
    That's a Best Motoring clip, I think.
  27. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear


    quaife lsd atb, jackknight semi-helical crown and pinion, quaife dog box, jack knight drop gears

    Stage 5 MED 8v head.

    500-600kgs (really need to get to a weigh bridge soon!).

    You say the ITR out-braked the mini?
    Road car with single piston floating calliper and road tyres weighing 1200KGs vs stripped out mini, hopefully with 4pots an vented discs (if serious in the slightest) on semi slicks......

    Something doesnt quite add up there
  28. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    Ooh...am I the only one to find that slightly arousing?

    As I said "OK...the track was damp/wet"
    The ITR was one of the fastest decellerating cars ever tested by Top Gear Magazine...the brakes were some of the most perfectly balanced I've ever used and it had an ABS system that let you actually drive on it, using it...so it doesn't surprise me that in the damp/wet an ITR would outbrake a Mini.
    I was also taking 7-10 car lengths out of a EK9 CTR that I was down with...his lack of ABS cost him many an overtake.
  29. skydiver

    skydiver Registered User

    ****** hell what is with all the bad posts, ess_three do you look for an arguement or what?
  30. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    You can kiss my **** too...
    You are about 6 months behind with your 'anti Ess_Three' comments.

    They are not 'bad' posts...they are opinions based on owning several cars and being able to see past the fact that having 4 rings on the grille doesn't make the S3 the best car in the world.

    If someone doesn't like my comments, they can choose to reply, or ignore them.
    A valid counter opinion is always welcome...rather than a half-***** quip about looking for an argument!
  31. Sam-K

    Sam-K Has a throbbing red german.

    ha.. this is fantastic!!

    can't say that i have driven a teg-R but u have heard its a phenomenal piece of kit, i have owned a stock civic vti (1993) as for the whole clio williams rubbish, my stock civic with 160bhp easily out drove williams clios..
  32. nky_84

    nky_84 6th Gear


    Ess_three might like to rub a few people up the wrong way and he's got to be the bluntest instrument ive come across but at least he backs up his points with experience or evidence and sometimes he's even funny :hubbahubba:

    As for saying a bog standard runabout 1.6 civic can out drive a car that is well up to the challenge of competing aganst an ITR, you are surely having a laugh mate.
    As Mr porkie pie would say, get a grip!

    and yes, you are not the only one to find dog box a bit :sex: Dont't even get me started on the noise the thing makes!
  33. Avatar


  34. Ess_Three

    Ess_Three Registered User

    I don't know how to take that...I do believe there may be a small compliment hidden in there somewhere.

    Ahh...the whine!
    It's a bloke thing...
    There is something deeply sensual about holding precision cut gears in your hand too! I'll get my coat...
  35. A3simon

    A3simon Registered User

    Always worth reading a thread that Glen has been posting on always informative lol

    As for the DC-2 i love them even though i only had a couple shots of one id say the handling is awesome you can really push them hard and feel when you near the limit. Could be quicker but i thought it was a good alround package well up to the task of serious fast road driving. Defo a car a good driver could get alot out of
  36. djmotorsport

    djmotorsport Member VCDS Map User

    Ess Three Said "Which means it never breaks down. Never uses any oil, never blows engines up or wrecks gearboxes."

    Having just driven one in the Britcar 24 hour at Silverstone, I have to disagree. Our newly rebuit engine ( dropped a valve in testing 2 weeks ago) used 8 litres of oil over the race, the brakes failed on my 8th lap whilst trying to slow down for Copse, and pre race, we had to rebuild the 'box twice. But despite these issues, we finished 29th overall and 3rd in class. And Glen is right about one thing - It really rewards being driven hard, and whilst the Beemers, Porkers and loads of others sucumbed to the rigors of 24 hours flat out, it came through. Sub Zero in my book!

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