Homage to Top Gear


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This is basically 3 guys over in the states that took Top Gear and thought they'd make their own episode. It's a cross between 'best driving roads' and 'cheap car challenge'. Couple of things I wanna point out before I post the links... the tall guy does get a little annoying and the way they pronounce 'fiAAt' is the most annoying thing ever!

Apart from the little annoying bits, overall I don't think its too bad and there are some laugh out loud bits in there too. Well there were for me anyway! :yes:







Anyone else not really that impressed with their version of best driving road? lol



Hold my beer...
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Greatest driving road in the world????

They have never been to/heard about the Alps, have they???

bunch of muppets


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Absolutely right.

-In fact, they missed some of the best roads right there in California.

A few years ago, I was working on the lost coast, and I set out to find the good drives -I did WAY better than anything I saw in their videos... -They were VERY easily impressed.

I recommed starting with the "lost coast highway" as a warm-up, and then finishing with the "wildcat" (Highway 211) which ends at the "avenue of the giants", home to the largest and tallest of all the Redwoods. If the weather is cooperative, it's impressive. If it's uncooperative, it's pretty grim... -somewhere in the middle though, lies pure magic.


At one point in 'the Wildcat', I found myself driving inland as fast as I dared, being followed by a solid-looking sheer WALL of fast moving pea-soup fog. -It was like something out of the movies... but bizarrely real.

I've done the drive three times, and every time the weather has made the experience completely different.

-And that's not the world's greatest drive, by any stretch of the imagination, but it's right there in their state, it beats anything they drove on right there, and they missed it.

They need to spend some time in the Alps. -And I'd love to see how they cope with something like the Stelvio pass...