Hitman ,bloodmoney Xbox


back from the dead
Am absolutely loving this game

Not got all the way through yet but its great

Anyone else on the murder trail?


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Yes but on the PS2. I've grown with all the Hitman games - brilliant IMO.

Loving pushing people over high railings! Stealth Kill, or just sneaking up from behind and cutting their throats with a kitchen knife - claret everywhere.

Too far again, We sound like social maniacs.


smoking a6
played the first game on pc took me over a month to complete i was hooked to the end, best stealthy type game i ever played i wreckon


back from the dead
YES! completed it last night all levels.

Admitedly on rookie but its done.

Now to go Pro, maybe!


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Yep, im on the xbox 360 at the minute and loving it too, on the white house mission at the minute which is just soooooo hard


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Just completed this on the 360. One of the best games i have ever played. Still keep going back for more rampaging carnage with the silenced assault rifle. he he.