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Hit up bum couple days ago

spottedhaggis Apr 18, 2018

  1. spottedhaggis

    spottedhaggis New Member

    I got slammed by a van early this week, low speed (15-20, but the rear bumber is in need of replacement, and the boot lid has damage. As well as the front grill and possible bumper as well.

    Car is worth approx 3500, but I have only had the damn thing about a month so I am pretty ****** off about it.

    Chances are the insurance company will write it off, but it starts and drives perfect, so I dont know the damage is all that bad.

    Can anyone advise on someone close to Maidstone that can do these types of repair at a budget cost rather than using brand new parts which is what the insurance company would use.
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  3. Seanchadwick2k3

    Seanchadwick2k3 Audi A6 C6 2.0tdi 2011 Sline Special Edition Audi A6 S-line owners group Le Mans Edition

    Would you not consider doing this yourself? plenty of guides around online of how to remove the various parts. Ebay is your friend for tracking down bumpers and things. get all your bits collected and find someone who can spray them up for you? you may even be lucky and find the parts you need in the same colour!
  4. spottedhaggis

    spottedhaggis New Member

    Sorry been in Mexico the past week. I believe the insurance will write it off, but I will get it repaired after I buy it back from them. Even with the bust rear bumper, I just drove it over 1000 miles without any issue at all, just looks ****.

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