Hit and run


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If this is Police Scotland we're talking about here then yes they're a complete waste of space.

I would've followed the guy till I ran out of petrol and given him the biggest hiding of his life for the inconvenience caused

To the point :yahoo:


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Sorry to hear about what happened to you mate. Hope you get the car sorted and the police catch the guy.

James 123

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I am sure you were doing what you thought was right in the circumstances after being hit and the driver not stopping but once you have got his number, phoned the police and almost got hit why carry on the chase...

No doubt he done wrong in hitting you but maybe he did not stop as he had his family in the car and was not sure what might happen if you caught up with him.

Defending his family maybe!! If it were me I would have got out at the lights and took a photo of him and the damage on his car but certainly would not have approached close enough for him to take a swing.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for you, no one likes there car to be hit and then having the hassle of the insurance as the other party has not stopped, but maybe he felt threatened. If he was driving badly for 20 minutes what were you doing to keep up.
I'd of chased him for sure, think daveotto lives in a perfect bubble.
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I'd of chased him for sure, think daveotto lives in a perfect bubble.
@James 123 what bubble might that be, care to elucidate (explain in simple terms)?

If you read the whole thread you would realise that unfortunately I have been the victim of someone who decided to take the law into there own hands

Beluga S line

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Are you sure the Avensis was towing a Silver Caravan? 'Cause if it was it was it would have just filled up with free fuel from the petrol station:)

Also the Police won't want to know...as there was nobody injured! After all you pay your car insurance so problem sorted.

Sorry to be so cynical but the reality of living in the UK in 2016!