hit a curb


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Well snow and over confident four wheel drive hooning leads to bang off a curb at 5mph..... steering wheel off centre and a slight drone over 30mph my suspicions are bent tie rod end and needing allingment done, anyone else done this and what was your bill


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I did this in my Clio when I first started driving. Luckily for me it just knocked the alignment out, so not very costly.

Get it jacked up and check it out. Hope it isn't too bad.


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Did this in my Fiesta when I first started driving. Mounted the curb at about 15mph. Shattered an alloy, bent the track rod, buckled the bottom arm, bent the ARB and the drop link. Was £80 in bits from the scrappy, I stayed up all night fixing it and made it to work the next day.
I learned a lot from that!
As above, jack it up and have the wheel off. You may get away with just tracking, but it could the the track rod as well.


check your alloy for buckling too

re the fiesta shattered alloy, I made a small fortune thanks to the horrific snow a few years back by buying in a load of fiesta alloys after findng out how soft they are and had plenty of people who'd apparently "bumped" kerbs and needed to replace several SMASHED wheels


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The wife did the same this evening although not in the snow.
Big chunk out of the alloy, tyres gone and the steering wheels out of align, she was doing more like 30 at the time though.
Just spent the last hour putting the summer rims back on:apologetic: