hiring a car


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i might need to hire a next week to go away fro a few days , but have never hired one before so who do people recommend and anything to be aware of.

Im thinking of golf upto insignia size would be fine as only need it for 4 days.

did look at supercar as it will be my bday next week also but didnt like the super price lol


ive used enterprise for the last 7 years.. they can pick u up if u dont have a car... and also drop u back once you are done with the loan car... at no cost to you - which is a bonus. just make sure u note all damage on the vehicle, its like buying a new car... inspect it thoroughly... and of course give it back as you received it i.e. if you got it with 1/4 tank of fuel then return it with 1/4 tank... also hang onto your loan agreement should anything come up e.g. speeding ticket/bus lane fine that you may need to dispute.


Defo worth the wait :)
Any of the big companies are ok, just be aware of any damage, however minor, even the tyres as well.

Oh and also, just check on deposits required, as they are pretty steep on some companies.


yeh on that note excess can also be sometimes high... some companies offer an excess waiver... so instead of paying £400 for any potential damage you can choose to pay an up front £100 fee or something... worth it as a "just in case." I figured Id take it rather than being £300 in the hole, especially if I was going to a places where I don't know what car crime/bad driver stats are... and there are a few such places that I can think of where I would never take a 12 plate car or something...


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Best this is to go with avis or enterprise. Ive heard zipcar is good too. Again as mentioned if they have an option for an excess waiver, you should take it; gives you that peice of mind.


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Enterprise are pretty good and dont go looking for marks, with a magnifying glass like some others do,,, just go around with the sales guy/woman and note all marks, you will be fine......:icon_thumright:


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Used Enterprise in the past - good service and 'cheap' compared to others. Haven't had one problem, the last time I got a free upgrade when I was due to collect which was nice :)

Remember - the fastest car you will ever drive is a rental ;) Although I treat every car like my own so I wouldn't know that :)


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drive it like you stole it, lol