Hill hold retrofit


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I apologise in advance because I know this will of been asked before but I was struggling to find anything on the forum.

Thinking of retrofitting the hill hold assist, just wondering with it been a retrofit how good it actually is? Drove my mothers 2016 golf GT that has it fitted & it works really well. Doesn’t release after a few seconds & works well pretty much every time you expect it you come on. My previous car (Mercedes e250) had it but you just pushed the brake pedal hard to engage it. On the golf the handbrake automatically engages when you turn the car off, if I remember rightly when I set it to automatically engage for my mam it had something to do with the hill hold. Will this be the same with my Audi if I retrofit or will I still have to manually engage the handbrake.

Again, I apologise.


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You can code your abs so that it automatically engages the handbrake....no need for autohold.

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I have the HHA on my s-tronic and yes it does what you've described - it applies the green parking brake automatically if you press the brake pedal hard enough when coming to a stop. However I have HHA switched off, as I prefer to keep my foot on the brake pedal at all times if only stopping for very short periods. If i have to stop for longer than say 30 seconds (eg traffic lights or stationary traffic) then I just apply the green parking brake manually, knowing that I just have to press the throttle to get moving again.