highish mileage S4s-real value??


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I'm contemplating going for an avant, 2003 with 60k on it. It has had a new clutch & flywheel under warranty, and has AMD St III. Most of the 03/53 plate seem to be making around the 20k mark, is a fully loaded one with these mods and 20k PA mileage worth anything near the same?are there mant sub 20k avants out there?
I cant seem to find many on auto trader etc. opinions/ potential problems please


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I'm suprised the clutch and flywheel were changed under warranty, my guess is that they failed because of the extra power from the stage3 AMD. Never the less, the clutch and flywheel will now be guaranteed for 2 years which is a nice bit of peace of mind. My concern would be the torsen diff. If the extra power has wrecked the clutch, has it also damaged the torsen? Sorry, I've only given you more questions and I haven't given you any answers.


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I think I heard about some issue with the flywheel on audiworld.com but I cant really remember (dual mass type like Porsche).
20K is pretty good and behind book...
Sounds pretty good to me if it has spec also...although I would prefer it to be standard if it were me...