High revs at idle

Mar 20, 2008
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I cleaned my throttle body today, reassembled it all again, and waited for it to realign with the key in ignition. Then when I started the car and it warmed up all was fine and it was revving at 8000rpm. However once I touched the throttle it settled back down to 1400rpm and stays there whenever I'm stationary.

Me cleaning the TB has somehow had an effect on this. Any ideas what it could be?

Also I found a Ball Bearing in the breather pipe from the air intake. Is that supposed to be there??

Cheers in advance for any light shed,

Did you remove the throttle body from the car? did you replace the gasket, could me a vacuum leak. As for the ball bearing? nothing should be in the intake pipe other than air.
I didn't remove the throttle body from the car so I didn't need to replace the gasket. I just used a tothbrush and cotton bud with carb cleaner on it and oppened the butterfly to clean both sides of the body. Then wiped it all away with a dry cloth. There were lots of things attached to the TB that i didn't fancy disconnecting. Could this have something to do with it?

Unfortunately not mate. I may have to pay a mechanic to come round and sort it if thats the case. Unless anyone in the Leicester area has VAG COM and is feeling generous...:)
i only have the trial version at the mo mate which wont do a throttle adaption tried it on mine the other day. I'm sure someone will help you.

Back to the ball bearing where did it come from? You say you found it in the breather pipe, sounds daft but you did put it back on correctly? If air can find its way in the revs will rise, although i'm sure yours just needs adaption.
Erm well I'll describe it...The air pipe form the TB to the airbox, theres a small rubber breather pipe connected to this from the engine. But I found that its totally blocked, with a ball bearing, which defeats the point of having the breather pipe somewhat deosn't it? Should I remove it?
The engine had a lumpy idle beforehand, and when I cleaned the TB i found an air leak in the intake pipe, which was causing the lumpy idle. I'm getting this part replaced and have blocked the hole for now. Although I'm still unsure about this BB in the breather...Shall I see if there is any effect with removing it for a while?

Cheers for the link mate
Think thats your problem mate, the smallest leak will cause the rpm to rise, I know you said you blocked it up but chances are that will be the cause. Check that first.
I'd leave the ball bearing in. Wouldn't want to cause another problem before sorting the first one.
as a thought get yourself a can of easy start from parkers or halfords and spray this around the 'repaired' hole. If the engine note changes this will indicate a leak.
The thing is, that before I cleaned the TB and the hole was already there, a massive gash in the flexi part of the pipe, when the car had warmed up it used to idle at 8000rpm (even though it was a bouncy idle), but now when I first turn the engine on, and it warms up it revs at 8000rpm, its only after the throttle has been touched that it revs at 1400rpm when idle.
is the throttle sticking? not sure how these engines manage there idle speed, some use a electric stepper motor that regulates the amount of air at idle. Might be you have dislodged some muck from the throttle body causing it to stick?

i hope you mean 800 rpm.
Yes, I mean 800rpm...lol. The throttle isn't sticking at all. The throttle cable is attached to the TB. I disconected the cable and replaced it. Although its exactly where it originally was.


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