High pitched noise


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On my way to college this morning and realised my car was making quite a high pitched noise when crawling in traffic. Tried to figure out the position of the throttle, speed etc but it was impossible due to it being different times when the noise started. Mainly in 1st and 2nd when crawling. Just wondering if anyone had any ideas, obvious thing to do would be to get it checked under warranty but its easier if you have a rough idea what it is. Btw its a 2009 1.4t fsi


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What kind of high pitched noise? Was it different with the clutch pressed or not?
I'm wondering if it could be anything gearbox/clutch/diff related.


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It will be your EGR valve, totally normal & nothing to worry about.


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Out of interest on another matter, how many miles has your car done so far? Have you experienced any engine related problems?



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makes quite a high pitched noise like metal on metal?

Thats interesting, i just had an iduction kit fitted and im getting the same i though it was the heat sheild rubbing on the fire wall or something, will check the EGR pipping now and report back