High pitch whistling noise after acceleration.


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My S3 started making a high pitch whistling noise after I did some acceleration today. I have tried searching everywhere but can't seem to find a definite cause or solution. It only begins after a few pulls, and goes up or down depending on how fast the car is going. When coming to a complete stop, the noise stops and I can drive "normally again". After some research i've come across this video on YT and its spot on the noise I'm hearing.

Any idea's?

Oh and specs are: Stage 3 running @ 380BHP
- Intercooler upgrade
- R8 coils, and upgraded spark plugs
- Forge blowoff (2 months old)
- Evoms INTAKE


C'mon you's bhoy's in Green
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Sounds like someone has left an Alarm in the engine bay


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Something sounds loose, or grinding.
Has the belt and pulleys been changed, or are they due?
No clue, ima call audi on that one since I havent done it. It did however had a chain maintenance 40k kilometres ago. I'll try to record it myself, but it happened only 2 times and everytime I want to stop to record it, the noise stops and everything is "ok" again. Thanks!