High pitch noise coming from the front end


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Jun 26, 2014
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Bosnia and Herzegovina
Hey guys,

So my car has a problem once again... When I am accelerating I get a high pitch noise coming from (I think) front right wheel. It only happens when accelerator is pressed and the car is in a gear and accelerating.

Any advice?
Check the aux belt & alternator.
OK, as long as you are confident about the noise. High pitched noises are often associated with turbos on the way out, but only you know what the noise actually sounds like.
Gone through one turbo already, very familiar with that sound :D

Luckily this time it sounds more like metals scrubbing, but in a very high frequency.
a/c, alternator pulleys can make that noise. Spray wd40 on each one at a time while manually revving a bit, if the noise goes away then you've narrowed it down. If you can't prove one or other then just change the aux belt.

I've had a new turbo fitted to the A3 BKD as well by the way at 95000 miles.