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High pitch hum from rear speakers

David T May 26, 2018

  1. David T

    David T New Member

    hi all. I’ve recently changed the front speakers in my 2004 b6 a4, which has concert with half amplified rear speakers and subwoofer. I also replaced the headunit with an alpine cde178. Since being installed there is now a high pitched hum from the rears, the tweeters I think. The noise does not vary with engine speed or volume, it is constant when the headunit is on, whatever the source. Has anyone come across this? Is there a problem with upgrading front speakers if they are rated higher than the old ones? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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  3. perry30sport

    perry30sport Active Member

    its nothing to do with the front speakers. it will most likely be the active adaptor that you have used to keep the active rear end still working. I have sen it a lot on a3's. what make did you use?

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