High flow cat, do I need it remapped to clear the CEL?


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Was told by AMD that it would cost roughly £500 to install the Sports Cat and remap it as it need to be done to clear the CEL, is this true?


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If the sports cat is mated to the remainder of the matching sports exhaust then yes it needs to be remapped to take account of the increased air flow which causes the balance of air and petrol mix flowing into the engine to be upset. Although the engine management system will try to compensate by using the sensors on the car to calculate the changes it is quite possible that the increased airflow will cause this mixture to be lean (too much air and not enough fuel). This is where the remap is needed.
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At the moment I only have a stock exhaust, thought maybe a spacer would help not sure I really want to remap it yet.


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a spacer will keep the light off in most cases
sometimes they just dont work tho.