Hidden insurance loading on my car...


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Got my insurance renewal through for my A5, only had the car 10 weeks so this is the first 'full year' quote on the car. It seemed high so I did the usual and checked online for quotes, all of which seemed high, much higher than when I checked this model before deciding to buy one.
Out of curiousity I found identical cars online (same year, engine, transmission etc) and ran the numbers on them, they came out a lot cheaper. Then I tried a quote by just putting in the car's details without the reg and again it came out a lot cheaper... I tried again with my reg and all the high quotes were back, in fact some companies did not quote for it yet they were there for the other cars I put through.... I'm talking around a 40% difference
Anyone any idea as to why this individual car could have this extra loading? It's never been written off etc.


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Not heard of that one before. There must be something in that car's history. You've identified the obvious, such as an accident but maybe they're checking speed camera data. Whatever happens, give us a try for a quote and we'll be aiming to beat your best quote.