HID Problem


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Well I'm beginning to hate HID kits, unfortunately I can't seem to get a kit to work properly...

I've had two kits where one or both bulbs just cut out completely this can be at any point as well. Kit I have now strobes like a police light and only sorts itself out if you reset the lights every 5 seconds.

Having tried to research a bit more into this as I'm sure it's not the ballasts/bulbs as they work in other cars I'm not sure what to do. There doesn't seem to be a lot of info on the web and was wondering if anyone might be able to help me solve it.

Any help is appreciated :)


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Actually, I have a pair of those capacitors if you want them..... £5 to cover postage and its done!


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If you do get the lights let me know, I might change mine over. One question how does it work with the manaul leveling button on the dash?


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Whilst waiting for the guys to reply I was swapping ballasts/bulbs to see if that would make a difference seems the new kits bulbs work best with my old kits ballast and no probs. Only **** was who's going to accept the kit back haha.

Run it for a while and seems to be ok so far, will keep you updated.

The manual leveling still works fine. :)