Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.


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Those bottom nuts on the rear droplinks are ridiculous. Fortunately when I changed mine I was also fitting a bigger arb, so I just took everything off as one. To this day the old plastic drop links are still bolted to the standard rear arb!

Yeah the ball joint nuts are a bit of a joke. I went ahead and did the other side today, and again the ball joint nut decided it was going to be an ***. I thought it was coming off, and then it just cross threaded itself. So, once again the nut splitter was put into action. I’m just glad all nuts and bolts are going back on again.


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Managed to finish off today, as well as fitting the drivers side droplink, I went back into bat with the diff crossmember bolts. Managed to get good purchase this time, and got it out by winding the bolt out of the nut, not the other way around. Have to say it would be a lot easier without the exhaust on………but not on my driveway, on my back.
Got the diff supported with a jack, and actually jacked it up as well, which then allowed the crossmember bolts to come out.
Getting the refurbished diff mount back on was a slight pain, as the new bushes are a snug fit. Bit of leverage with a pry bar, and a bit of persuasion with a long extension bar and a lump hammer, and all was well. Brand new bolts going back in, not mucking about with old stuff. So glad I got all the lengths so bolts etc, and ordered them from a fastening company, making life a lot easier.

Went out a test drive with it all installed, and I have to say……………it’s about 110% better than it was. Not really any knocking on gearchanges, or heavy acceleration changes. And the one thing to test, press up and down quickly on the Accelerator……..no knocking. Very very shocked. I expected if I’m honest there to be knocking, but more than likely worse, going off others who have changed these mounts to poly etc. I do think what I’ve done to the front mount has also made a difference.
There was some ever so slight knocks, very very slight. But I think on a 15-20 minute test drive there was maybe 2 thuds that I heard/ felt. Big improvemeant.
As I’ve said before, I think a diff refurb would be a lot better on the diff I have in the shed. But for a bank holidays work, I’m happy. And the pile of brand new parts in the conservatory is going down at last. Lol.

Just need to sell this TQS interior now, and the missus will be happy-er. (Can they ever be totally happy).



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This weekends job would have been installing the boost/oil pressure gauge. Unfortunately, it has arrived back from the supplier looking decidedly second hand after having its white face installed. So not putting that in just yet, have a conversation on Monday about what they intend to do to sort that. Cant believe Ive been waiting nearly five weeks now for an item I can install.

I have had a go at a spare vent I obtained though. Carefully cut the vanes to fit this morning, plus recessed it slightly. I think it looks pretty good really. My other option was a 3D printed job from ECS Tuning in the states, but thought I’d see what my cut one looks like first. Plus the ECS one isn’t recessed.

So, looks like it might just be a wash and polish this weekend. I’ll get out on the Mountain Bike instead.



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Well, gauge still hasn’t arrived back yet.
But, a new box from AUTODOC has arrived. With Inner rear CV joints, rear wheel bearings. 4 rear brake hoses, and 4 rear lower hub bushes. So……time to get rebuilding the rear hubs and shafts.