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Hibiscus Red TQS - New Car, New Project, cars been here before though.

midas Jul 25, 2020

  1. B5NUT

    B5NUT Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Nice pass on the MOT. Car should idle around the 800-900 rpm when it's warmed up, so it could be a bad MAF. For the oil temp check the measurements with VCDS, clusters of our age are not the most accurate.
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  3. midas

    midas Registered User

    Going to have to acquire this VCDS I feel. I have a Launch Diagnostics computer, which has always served me well. But doesn’t want to play with this car. So VCDS has to be used on a laptop with a cable does it?
  4. Rfmacaskill

    Rfmacaskill Registered User

    Yes...the software can freely be downloaded but the cable is what costs. There are other generic systems which can read VCDS but they’re not as functional.

    Check out these guys for all the options. https://m.gendan.co.uk/vcds-hex-v2....jikoDWQwcOGwrAfW867XEE93Woo9ra4BoCMrQQAvD_BwE

    You may be able to pick up a SH cable on evilbay or on these types of forums but be warned...you get what you pay for.

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  5. midas

    midas Registered User

    I’ll see if the guy who does all the diagnostic sales at my place of work can sort me out, he may even have a cable, we’ll see.

    I’m under designated track and trace isolation now, superb. So washed the car today. Might see if I can get the polisher out this week, get some scratches out. Looking good though. Only been on the road 4 days and had a lot of compliments.

    8308000C-FEB8-4B76-9B63-AAD72EE70C8A.jpeg 6E005C31-94B9-46D5-B929-7B0B2195F73F.jpeg
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  6. Jack_TQS

    Jack_TQS Registered User

    Looks lovely mate, just about to finish my isolation tomorrow, excited is an understatement!
  7. midas

    midas Registered User

    Since we’re in isolation week, I phoned work and got the, to deliver a full set of brakes to me. So today, was front and rear brake overhaul day.
    Ferodo pads all round, APEC discs all round.

    When dismantling the fronts, it became clear why the brakes feel shocking on this car compared to a B5 I used to own. The disc faces were severely compromised through corrosion, probably half the surface area its supposed to have. The pads had plenty left on them. The slider pins could barely move inside the rubber boot/membrane, so I cleaned all this up, and refitted with a slither of grease. Looks like one of the sensor wire plugs has been damaged in the past, one was held on with a zip tie and had copper grease inside the pins. Not sure copper grease inside an electrical connection is a good idea.
    With the rears, oh dreary me, they were shocking. Again the surface area of the disc was about 50% efficient, the pads were looking pretty bad too. Once again, the rear sliders pins were awful, with the lower pin on each side seized in. I got the carriers in a vice and got the pins out. Cleaned both carriers up as much as I could with a cotton bud, spun the pins in a drill and got some Emery paper on them. Refitted all with a good dose of grease. They work now, but may not do in the future, so I think new rear carriers need to be found in the next month or 2.
    When I wound the calipers back in, all 4 were very stiff. So now they are back in, I’ll see how we go. The MOT said both fronts fluctuating, so we may well be needing calipers too. Good job I work in car parts really. I’m certainly not painting these calipers when it’s a possibility they need replacing soon.
    Took the car out to bed in the pads, and they feel so much better, even though it will take another 10-15 miles for the, to start feeling how they are supposed to.
    Also fitted the front mudflaps, (ducks for the trolls). Rears wouldn’t go on properly, I think these are early B5, not late B5 fitment. I’ll adapt at a later date.
    I also got back onto the diff mounting bolts. They were all tight, I had a suspicion some were loose and causing my knocking noises. But they were not loose. Anybody know the torque setting for the rear diff snub mount? And if all bolts are don’t to same torque? That would be handy. I have a feeling they should be tighter, but don’t want to strip them.
    Anyway, fair bit of progress. Hoping for decent weather on Thursday, and I may get the buffer out to make the paint some back to life.

    ohhhhh..........and progress on wheels, I have managed to get hold of some BBS CH wheels. Need a refurb, but for the money I can take that.

    09B3F7AC-1068-4A41-BD77-8D032EFEFF10.jpeg 680ED512-B357-423E-8FBE-4435CB0CE6B0.jpeg 47DBC58C-6720-4D1B-9D75-B532298D32DD.jpeg 3648A2AF-1E56-4BE4-937F-6D81572148E4.jpeg 544DA203-82C4-4CEB-9E57-89B9D3F123F7.jpeg E7359895-064F-4A48-B22E-91D2A9C5657E.jpeg D4D94724-D27D-449C-AAB6-67BB39FDD720.jpeg

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