hi there iam new


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Hi Iam Mo.

Just recantly bought an A3 1.8 Turbo. Tryed 2 post up pics but got told i have 2 post 2 times b4 i could put up pics.

Got this link from a make Not sure what his user name on here is but i know him as Z82. He dirvers an A4.

So once i have done my 2nd post i will get pics of my car up.

Cheer Mo.


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Well i have put my pics up in the gallery so enjoy.

I de-baged it on the 2nd day i had her.

And on the 3rd day some tit drove into my headlight so 3 days later i got the angel eye head lamps.

I will get better pics of the car once we get a nicer day;


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Welcome'n'all that!


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thanks 4 the welcome.

Just had 2 put my car in the garage due 2 a fault in the fuel system. :(


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Hello & :sign_welcome: to the site.

nice avatar!