Hi, Seasonal greetings from Devon!

Mr A3

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Hi all,

I've just bought an Audi A3 sport, very pleased with it!
I have joined because I have one or two things I want to iron out on it & I though some thoughts and ideas from some other owners may be beneficial at times.

I'm no stranger to Audis, my family have always had at least one at any time over the last 30 years and there is still an '86 quattro tucked away taking it easy these days!

Scotti P

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Im another Devon Audi Owner! Im on the coast outside Exeter.
Keep an eye out for you all!


Mr A3

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Well what a warm welcome!
Glad to know there are plenty of Audi folk around home.

In answer to sportstractor I don't have any great plans for my A3, just iron out the couple of bugs it has. I'm not big on mods, I just like to own them as prime examples of standard really.
I will put some pics up shortly so you can all see it and maybe give a wave if you see me pass :)