Hi just bought a c5 RS6!


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Feb 26, 2014
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Hi Guys just bought a 2003 RS6 avant for 6600 and I'm very happy and impressed with it :)
Hi Jim, welcome to audi-sport.net. Any pics of your new purchase? Any mods planned? Enjoy the forum. :) x
Haven't anything major planned yet apart from a new front bumper as I clipped a large mound of earth that came off a tractor
You have only just bought and and crashed it already :sob: , Doesn't bode well. Is the gearbox good? .
Unfortunately it was that or a hedge and bank :/

Yeah gearbox is fine, plugged it into VAG Com and only errors were Lambda sensors, so we've cleared them and will check again in a month.
Hey Jim, another C5 owner here...

Hope you have deep pockets my friend, they are temperamental big *****es...

Just spent another £11k on mine... :D

and it's broke down with a different fault after only 2 months.... :wall:

But when they are running.... amazing!!! :arco:
Well my pockets aren't that deep but I'm doing a degree in automotive engineering and I have mechanic friends too, one that has a 500brake 2.7v6 bi turbo s4 avant that he's built and my dads an Engineer too and damn good with these things :)
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Excellent, can I borrow them for a few days, mine has just cost another £1500..... :sob:

Ahhh, it's only money... :rock:
I am looking in to buying 1 is it the labour or parts that cost on these rs6 c5, cheers fellas
bit of both to be honest... you'll have to pay "RS tax" for almost all parts, some of them are frankly eye watering, like the £650 air filter cover.

a lot of work seems to need the engine out too... plus gearboxes are around £4k to fix...

suspension is another couple of grand to sort when it breaks, and talking of brakes, they are over a grand for the Audi stuff...

but apart from all that, they are ok....
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Rs tax lol. How good are the rs6 calipers i.e. Are they known for seizing etc,
Coilovers will replace Drc if messes up
Cam belt looks straight forward enough,
Anyone know of anyone selling locking tools?

Gearboxes what actually messes up?
Torque converter
Input shaft bearings

Thinking of hybrid chargers to replace standard turbos
And full de cat exhaust

Anyone converted tiptronic to manual in these or maybe mind might be. The first

Cheers fellas
calipers are big 8 pistons numbers, I've never had an issue with them...

I've got the coilovers too, not sure about locking tool sorry.

as far as the gearbox goes, I think it's more the Torque convertor and electronics rather than the actual mechanical gears.

I've got the MRC stage 2 with decatted and Miltek manifolds... sounds OK to me..

Audi RS6 C5 with Full Milltek and MRC Stage2 Remap - YouTube

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