hi guys...suspension...


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now then, first post, glad I found this place, tis a cracking forum!

Ok, just got a 98 110 Tdi avant, lots of miles so needs quite a few things...suspension is creaking like the crackers (as my old one did) so looking to replace the control arms....the whole lot, not the odd one like i have done previously. Have searched through the forums but cannot find a definitive answer - should I buy genuine Vag from vagparts, OEM from GSF type suppliers or the cheap ones off ebay for about £180...

also after springs and shocks - can't stretch to coilovers (car needs cambelt service and all new brakes), is the H&R kit the best one to be looking at for the money - have had AVO stuff on previous motors which I really like, seems a lot more money for the A4 though

cheers for any help!