Hi Guys, Need some help if possable.


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Hi all,

My APT engine went kaput due to oil pump failure. I have another APT engine out of a Passat (2000) but the sumps are different. The drain plug is on the other side compared to my Audi engine and in its place there is some kind of sender unit.
Shall i just swap the sumps over or is there somewhere i can plug the sender into?.

Car is Audi A4 Avant B5 1.8 non turbo 1999. I'me taking sump off new engine anyway to put a new pump in.

All help appreciated.




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The thing on the sump will be the oil level sensor. You should just be able to swap the sump over, or just ignore it.

You will have to transfer the oil temperature sender, and possibly the oil filter housing from the old engine to the new one, as the temp sensor is built into that thing in the sump on the later engines.

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The later engines dont even use gaskets, its all sealer. When the engines are in front of you it will take 10 mins to put the "right" one on, especially as you are changing the pump too